Life Dancing II

This one is breaking my balls, so I’ll leave it for now.  All in all I think I have my next step figured out, so I’ll stop with this ‘practicing’.  Tomorrow, I should have a good outline of the characters’ pathways, and the rhythm of it all.  We’ll see.



IATEFL – A Week of Stewarding. With Some Sketching.

I spent last week in Harrogate, working (loose term) on the registration desk of IATEFL‘s 48th International Conference and Exhibition.  It was a superb time – many, many lovely and interesting people.  I have more sketches on loose sheets, but would quite like to work on them some more before uploading, but here are the ones from at the Open Mic session on the Friday night, here’s what I gat:










I must remember that a fine point is my friend – be it a biro, fine liner or even just a mechanical pencil.  My softer strokes are awful to look at.

Life Drawing – 24th March

The plan for this session was to go for the overhead projector again, but sadly the bulb had blown.  We settled for some mood lighting instead from a duo of little lamps.  I was glad to have a male model in this time, as I want the figures in my FMP animation to convey human sexuality in a broad spectrum:





I need to try harder with colour, and remember to bring coloured pencils whenever the next session is on, coz my pastel work ain’t up to much:




Marker works OK, but I could do with practicing more in subjects from life.  It is difficult to balance the light and dark – I think I could be more generous with dots, and less reliant on the lines in future.  Or work with a greater sparsity of line.



Life Drawing – 10th March

This life drawing session, led by Gareth Wadkin, employed the humble overhead projector to add a new dynamic to the regular old figure drawing.  ‘Viewing the body as a canvas’ has become a vital point of focus in my thinking for this FMP.  While I try to visualise how my proposed dancing figures will be semi-clothed, this exercise worked brilliantly for my understanding of how the mounds and dips in the human form interact and distort the patterns projected.

Simple zig-zag pattern:



Peacock feather:



No acetate here, just that dramatic spotlight:


And then some regular old poses and drawings to finish the session: