Step in out

My concentration is not functional today.  Not functional.  Still, here is the newest development in this FMP-plannin’ – I figure I will not have the time to animate a wide open plane, so my thinkin’ is that I’ll shrink the aspect down width-ways, see?  Either that, or create some kind of intra-dimensional doorways for the dancers to slip in and out of.  I still feel lacking a solid basic premise, but argue myself out of that corner hourly with real-life hip rotations.


Much more effort needed tomorrow.

Film Society Poster Design: ‘Mind Game’

I was commandeering the Film Society throughout the month of March – showing my pick of four ‘grown-up’ animated films.  The first – and still my favourite – was Masaaki Yuasa’s Mind Game.  My poster was based on one of my favourite scenes from the film, a hugely influential piece of animation for my FMP:

Although I had only one viewing companion (potentially a result of the almost unreadable text on the poster), seeing it on our Studio Theatre’s big screen was a marvel.  Here’s a sickening GIF of the making process – three/four preliminary sketches resulted in the final form, which was scanned in and filled out using Photoshop and the Wacom.  I’ll really miss these college resources when I’m gone.



And the final, static poster:



Just a final note, Mind Game has one of the most beautiful sex scenes I have ever seen too.