Testing, more testing

Two days of further concentration difficulties have resulted in this rather crummy video, yet I feel it is going in the right direction.  I hope I can get a good deal more done this coming Monday, before I jett off back to N.I. for a big family shindig.  Clearly the distance ‘twixt arms and legs is highlighting the need for me to draw an entire body, but that will come in time, on a new layer.  So far, the pressure tool on Photoshop is giving me some pleasure – almost real brush-like strokes.

Animation Inspirado from Japan

Firstly, Shishi Yamazaki (greatest website)



These pieces have all the dancing a girl could need.  Plus, the beauty of shitting out cherry blossoms is a much-overlooked phenomenon in today’s society.

Yamazaki appears to be part of a wonderful collective (?) called Shibu Karu, a whole bunch of Japanese wondergals, including another star of the animated shorts from last year’s Leeds International Film Festival, Yoriko Mizushiri.

Supple softness.

Hollywood Steps Out – 63 years young

Just one clip from the gorgeously drippy Merrie Melodies short Hollywood Steps Out.  This is a cartoon deeply embedded in my consciousness, a result of repeat viewings of our Cartoons R Fun video collection when I was a child.  The dancing is exquisite, and the video should be viewed in full here.

Asses, asses and hips.  Hips and asses.

Step in out

My concentration is not functional today.  Not functional.  Still, here is the newest development in this FMP-plannin’ – I figure I will not have the time to animate a wide open plane, so my thinkin’ is that I’ll shrink the aspect down width-ways, see?  Either that, or create some kind of intra-dimensional doorways for the dancers to slip in and out of.  I still feel lacking a solid basic premise, but argue myself out of that corner hourly with real-life hip rotations.


Much more effort needed tomorrow.