Babies, babies, gross, gross babies


Babies are gross.  Just look at Sparkle/Ricky, the baby BMO finds in ‘BMO Lost‘, a heartachey episode of Adventure Time.  (S)he is one of the most perfect gross/cute babies I have seen in a cartoon, and an important undercurrent of my thoughts when drawing out some stupid babies to project my hologram-fish-mobile-night-light-thing on top of.  I was just running through some ideas built around babies getting raised in very close quarters with digital technology from the outset of their fat little lives these days.  Here are some babies:


Here is baby with fish pencil drawing:


Such a fat Sparkle/Ricky.  Working through with colour, trying to highlight the fact that these fish are holograms, but it just got uglier still:


This is more an idea of setting for a story set a little further in the future than ideas of what I could make for our practical response – due to the fact I won’t have time to produce the kind of comic/animation I would class as finished before Christmas, and I want to make an automaton – but it’s all pushing me further into thinking about children being raised by non-human machines.


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